Course Overview


The Harvard Medical School Risk Management Update

This special two-part program offers clinicians updates in liability prevention and protection and also in courtroom preparation and effectiveness.  This is an opportunity for physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure they are current with the leading risk management principles, strategies and best practices, and to be better able to:

  • Prevent malpractice suits
  • Prevail in a malpractice suit if sued
  • Document and utilize consultation more protectively
  • Navigate the new wave of malpractice “hot spots”
  • Avoid liability risks inherent in telemedicine
  • Understand the legal risks in issuing certificates for medical marijuana
  • Utilize plaintiff and defense attorney tips for deposition and trial
  • Successfully incorporate deposition tactics into your testimony
  • Understand the perils of being on the witness stand
  • Create opportunities for success while being on the witness stand
  • Effectively and positively influence the jury
  • Increase familiarity with and preparation for the courtroom 

Day-1:  Friday, December 12, 2014

Liability Prevention for Physicians and
Other Health Care Professionals
Strategies and Update

Education offered on this day focuses on the major risk management areas and legal pitfalls encountered in current everyday clinical practices.   The program presents the newest risk management principles and developments in liability prevention and the latest liability prevention data and their implications for medical practice. It also recommends liability prevention strategies for health care professionals.

Current concepts in malpractice prevention and “hot spots” 
in risk management are emphasized. Experts offer instruction on the risks incurred from the use of the electronic medical 
record and increased usage of email communications and their 
implications for practitioners. Particular emphasis will be given 
to the increasing role of telemedicine in clinical practice and the liability risks associated with its practice. The course will highlight how to make an informed decision about Medical Marijuana Certification as well as its legal issues under both State and Federal Law. Unique features of 
this education include vantage points of practicing clinicians, insurers, and plaintiff and defense attorneys. The format incorporates time for lecture, panel discussions, and Q & A with the faculty.

Day-2: Saturday, December 13, 2014

Physicians and
Health Care Professionals in Court:
A Survival Guide

It is increasingly common for the practicing clinician to be deposed or appear in the courtroom in one capacity or another. This often engenders clinician anxiety and uncertainty, especially in the role of defendant. This course teaches the clinician the tactics and tips to be most successful while giving a deposition or being on the witness stand.

Clinicians participating in this program learn how to effectively and positively influence the jury. This course also enables the clinician to benefit from suggestions and recommendations offered
 by plaintiff and defense attorneys to effectively prepare for the courtroom and be on the witness stand.

A unique feature of this educational offering is the mock trial demonstration, during which the faculty will illustrate the critical components of survival in the courtroom. The format incorporates time for lecture, panel discussions and Q & A with the faculty.